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We will reopen in June 2018 with a new family attraction!

Calypso wins new company of the year at the Ottawa Tourism Awards

New Company of the Year at Ottawa Tourism Awards

"We are very proud of Calypso's success and we are especially thrilled with the very significant fallouts for Ottawa's tourism industry", explains Guy Drouin, Calypso's president and CEO.

Calypso was also nominated in the Innovation of the Year category for its biometric technology Money at My Fingertip.

The carrying out of the impressive Calypso Theme Waterpark project required over four years of strategic planning and construction. Located on a 100-acre site, Calypso is a world-class waterpark that stands out, among other things, through its warm and enchanting Caribbean atmosphere.

With the addition of a new aquatic complex, which will be inaugurated June 3, Calypso represents an investment of over $50 million. Our existence contributes to the entire region's commercial and economic development, provides 500 jobs and allows our numerous visitors to enjoy a magical experience.