Dining & Drinks

Whether you're looking for bistro fare, fast food, healthy food, snacks, ice cream or candy, you'll find mouth-watering options in one of our nine restaurants!

Ulysses Bar & Grill

Playing in the water all day will work up an appetite! Visit the Ulysses Bar & Grill where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines buffet-style located in the heart of the main street.

Iceberg Island

Bring some fun to your day and make it an unforgettable one with Dippin'dots ice cream and Icee frozen drink.

Hawaiian Beach Bar

Aloha! The Hawaiian Beach Bar with its festive ambiance will carry you to a tropical paradise and get you dancing to the rhythm of the music. For a delicious refreshment, remember to try one of our famous Calypso cocktails. Conveniently located near Main Street.

Main Street Restaurant

Looking for a speedy snack, a quick lunch or a complete meal? You'll find it all here: pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, drinks and more always ready to go.

Resto Kongo

Take a quick break and try our fast food restaurant with hamburgers, hot dogs, poutine and so much more! Enjoy your meal on the patio near the Kongo Expedition.

Penguins Stop and Tam Tam Ice Cream Shop

If you love ice cream, make sure you stop at one of our two dairy bars! You'll find a wide variety of delicious refreshments and treats, such as frozen yogurt, sundaes and slushies!


Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats offers a variety of treats: popcorn, cotton candy, and much more! Enjoy Calypso's jungle leaf, a delicious hot pastry with your choice of topping. Oh! Sooo good!

Kongo Beach Bar

Our new Kongo Snack Bar offers a variety of alcoholic beverages as well as Mexican dishes such as nachos, quesadillas and other vegetarian dishes.

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