End of Season 2023

The park is now closed for the season.


Entertainment and Characters


Canada's largest theme waterpark is renowned for its characters and entertainment they provide to customers on a daily basis. Our theme characters Capitaine LePlank, Dr. Dunk, Wild Man Jack, Sara Max and the Princess Calypso can be found telling stories and playing games from morning til night. 


Goddess Calypso

The goddess of waves didn't have to search very far to find her home after stumbling on Calypso Palace, located in Canada’s biggest waterpark. She is now the master of giant waves in a waterpark that now bears her name, it was destiny!

Wildman Jack

Wildman Jack absolutely loves sharing his knowledge about nature and animals from around the world. For him, every day in an adventure at Calypso Waterpark. This is why Calypso is now his favorite places to hang out!

Dr. Dunk

Determined to succeed with his crazy water experiments, Dr Dunk a mad scientist who took refuge in Calypso Park where he built his large dream lab called 'Turbo Lab', a tower including 4 water slides.

Captain LaPlank

Captain LaPlank has sailed all oceans looking for the biggest wave when he was told that Calypso the goddess of waves had the biggest wave at Calypso Waterpark. He set sails to Canada where he’s been ever since.

Sara Max

Sara Max, has climbed the highest mountains and enjoyed many skydives and free-fall jumps! Now that she is dominating speed on the waves, Calypso has become her new obsession!