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Accessibility Plan for People with Disabilities

This 2014‐2023 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that are in place to provide opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy Calypso Waterpark.

Calypso is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service to all guests visiting our park and making it fully accessible to all members of the community and to offering a fair and equitable experience.

Calypso’s accessibility policy supports the inclusion of persons with disabilities as set out in the Ontario Human Rights code and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

We support and implement the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. We believe in meeting the needs of all clients in a timely manner, and will do so by limiting barriers to accessibility, wherever possible in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

We invite you to contact us at anytime or stop by our INFO booth in the park to meet a member of our team who can personally assist you in planning your visit. Calypso welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. Employees who require alternate formats for workplace information and training are invited to meet confidentially with the Human Resources office to determine the best format to meet their specific needs. Calypso commits to providing all workplace information in accessible formats to meet employees’ needs. Call us 613-443-9995 ext 0
Email us Visit our website www.calypsopark.

Safety Guidelines

Calypso is regulated and must comply with safety standards and regulations as set out by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority in the Province of Ontario. As part of that, we must ensure that the safety rules of the slide manufacturers are implemented into the
operational procedures for every attraction. These rules and regulations apply to all guests.

The safety rules are posted at every attraction and at many locations throughout the park. In addition, safety rules for each attraction are posted on our website. Due to safety regulations, some water slides require that guests are able to enter, ride and exit the attraction independently. These rules cannot be changed to allow tandem riders due to the engineering and design of those particular attractions.

The TSSA also requires that riders obey all warnings and directions regarding any ride and must behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Individuals can be charged under the ACT if they fail to follow the rules for riding safety.

The safety signs at each attraction provide the height requirements, weight restrictions, health restrictions and any special instructions regarding the ride. These requirements are established by the manufacturers and the authorities regulating safety in our park. Because of the sensitive personal nature of some of the safety requirements, we ask that you consider how the restrictions apply to you personally before making your way to the entrance to the attractions. At the entrance, our staff has the responsibility to determine if a patron meets the requirement and for these safety reasons, must turn away those who do not.

In addition to web and on site signage, staff at the entrance and exit to our attractions will provide verbal instructions to all guests. Please listen to and follow all directions given by operators. Any person who intentionally violates park safety rules or policies or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will be removed from the attraction and possibly from the park without refund. As a rider, you are responsible for your own safety. You or your family or support person know your physical capabilities. We do not. Please read the safety guidelines at each attraction and review the rules for each attraction on our website. If you feel your health could be at risk for any reason, or you may aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind. DO NOT RIDE.

Certain individuals may be at increased risk of injury from participating. Riders must carefully evaluate each attraction to determine if you can participate within the safety parameters. We reserve the right to deny access to a ride to anyone who we feel may not be able to safely
experience the ride or may be a hazard to other riders.


Calypso Waterpark offers accessible parking in the spaces closest to the entry to the park gates. When you have entered the parking lot, take the centre roadway to the left turn facing the gates and proceed to the end of that roadway. Accessible spaces are clearly marked. Proper vehicle identification must be displayed.

Park Entry Lines and Queuing

In 2015, Calypso Waterpark built a separate entry gate and building to accommodate our guests with disabilities and other special requests. The separate entry gate allows our guests with disabilities to bypass crowds and lines at the front of the park.

When there are lineups at the main entrance, you can now enter the park through the south gates, take the pathway to the right when you enter the park at the front gate area.

Associations and Organizations for People with Disabilities

Organizations supporting persons with disabilities who wish to provide an outing to Calypso for their
members are invited to contact us directly to discuss accommodations and Group Rates.

Support Persons

Who is a support person? A support person is an individual who accompanies a person with a disability to provide services that are not provided by employees, such as assisting the person with eating, administering medication, communication needs, and use of the facilities.
Calypso accepts Easter Seals’ Access2. The Access2 Card provides persons with a disability a personalized card printed with their name and the card’s expiry date. When coming to Calypso, Access2 card holders are asked to go directly to the Information Booth at either entrance to the park, present the card along with a piece of ID and their support person will receive a free ticket.
The person with a disability pays the regular admission price. The person with a disability and support person must attend all attractions together. Attractions for individual riders for example, body slides are not permitted due to the requirement for a support person.

Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will have access to that person at all times. Staff will ensure that both persons are granted access to the park at the same time. Guests who rely on support persons are advised some attractions require that guests are able to enter, ride and exit the attraction independently. This may make some attractions unavailable for these guests due to safety regulations. Access2 is the only accepted form of verification for need of a support person. In absence of the card, regular admission rates apply to the support person as well as the guest. Access2 cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Service Animals

Service dogs are welcome within the common areas of our premises that are open to the public. Upon entering the park, the dog must wear the ‘service animal’ identifying vest and wear it at all times while in the park. Please register your service dog at the Info Booth at the main entrance to the park. If it is not apparent that the animal is a service animal, the person with the disability will be required to provide proof such as documentation that shows they are certified as a service animal handler or a letter from a healthcare practitioner, confirming the guest requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability.
Emotional support, comfort or companion animals do not qualify as service animals under the AODA and therefore are not allowed on the premises.

It is the responsibility of the service animal’s owner to ensure that his or her service animal is kept in control at all times and that the dog is taken out of the public areas of the park to urinate or defecate. It is also incumbent upon the owner of the dog to pick up and dispose of feces
from their service animal. Due to the nature of our attractions, service animals are not allowed on or in the rides and must remain with a non-riding member of the guest’s party. Calypso employees are not permitted to take control of service animals. Guests whose service animals demonstrate aggressive actions toward our guests or employees will be directed to remove the animal from the park. Limit of one service animal per guest.

Assistive Devices

Due to the volume of guests we serve and the infinite variety of assistive devices, we do not provide assistive devices on-site. It is therefore recommended guests bring with them, any assistive devices they would use in their normal course of activity. All assistive devices are allowed in the park.

Please note, due to the nature of our attractions, assistive devices are not permitted on the slides if they pose a safety concern.

Public Information

All print documents and information provided to the public including menus, brochures, receipts, etc. can be provided electronically to clients wishing to use screen readers or other tools. Email your request to before your visit or drop by our Info Booth at the front of the park.


Public washrooms are accessible and have at least one private stall to accommodate wheelchairs and a service person if that is required. At the front of the park, just beside the entrance gate there are private washrooms suitable for guests who may need a service person to assist them.


Calypso Waterpark is wheelchair accessible in all common areas. The resort-like nature of our park includes a great deal of grassy areas where guests picnic and a sandy beach area. All our main traffic areas are hard surface and can be easily traveled by a wheelchair right up to the entrance/exits of all attractions.

Our main restaurants, Ulysses and Main Street Cafeteria are wheelchair accessible. Our smaller
kiosk counters may not provide ideal access for guests in wheelchairs and we invite you to ask
any of our attendants for assistance. They are identifiable by their blue wave shirts. Our staff will
be pleased to bring your food items to your table.

Note that many of our attractions are accessed by stairs towers. Be sure to consult our website under the attractions tab to view our slides in action.

Tips for Guests with ASD or Neurodevelopmental or Sensory Disorders

Calypso Waterpark welcomes all guests with a sincere commitment to provide accommodations they may require to fully enjoy their visit. Pre-planning for any adventure is the key to the success of the outing. A visit to Calypso Waterpark can include a high level of sensory stimulation. Excitement and anticipation becomes heightened upon entering the park where calypso-style music, bright colors and the sounds of people laughing, even screaming as they descend the rides are all a part of the background activity.

Our attractions are rated from ‘moderate’ to ‘extreme’ and due to safety regulations, some water slides require that guests are able to enter, ride and exit the attraction independently. In this case, a parent or support person would not be able to stay with the guest all the way to the bottom of the ride. It is imperative that guests are able to fully comprehend the need to hold a posture or to hang on to handles as ride safety instructions describe. As part of your planning, you can find information on our rides and view ride videos on our website to plan which rides are suitable for your visit. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse ride access to guests who are not able to maintain safe riding position.

We recommend that you take photos of members of your party on your mobile device. This photo can be of great assistance to quickly reunite your party if you become separated. Sensory sensitive people sometimes like to find quiet spots to de-compress and leave their group.

When you arrive at the park, if there is a lineup at the main entrance, proceed to Gate # 2, which can provide a quieter entrance to the park for clients with special needs.

Calypso Waterpark offers our guests several quiet places that you can enjoy during the day. You can select a picnic area under the trees, lounge chairs on the wave pool beach, a blanket on the grass, etc. Private cabanas & Palace Suites where you can create a calming environment are also available for daily rentals.

Our goal is to include all guests in the fun and we can provide a variety of options that may help you to enjoy your visit with us.

Prosthetic Devices

Guests with prosthetics which do not have any exposed metal parts are generally permitted on all attractions. For information on the speed, thrill and dynamics of our attractions, take a look at the ride and safety videos on our website. As a rider, you are responsible for your safety. We recommend you evaluate each attraction to determine if you can safely participate.

Calypso Waterpark reserves the right to request the removal of a device we feel to be unsafe or potentially damaging to the attraction.

Oxygen Tanks

Due to the dynamic nature of our attractions, oxygen tanks are not permitted on our rides. Oxygen tanks are permitted in all restaurants, shops and picnic areas.

Photosensitivity/Strobe Lighting

Some of our attractions are designed to simulate special lighting effects and strobes that may impact guests with certain sensitive conditions. As part of your planning, you can find information on our rides and plan which rides are suitable for your visit at the attractions tab on our website.

First Aid Clinic

Calypso Waterpark has a fully staffed and duly certified First Aid Clinic located adjacent to the Boutique on Main Street. Look for the GREEN CROSS on the side of the building.

If you need assistance anywhere in the park, just ask ANY Calypso Waterpark employee to call for First Aid and the team will come to you or a Lifeguard will be dispatched to your location to provide immediate assistance.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or expected disruption to services or facilities that would directly impact persons with disabilities, we will notify customers promptly. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available. This notice may be announced over our public address system or it may be temporary signage or other method. Updated information will be available at our INFO booth.


Calypso Waterpark trains all staff in Ontario’s accessibility laws and aspects of the Ontario Human Rights Code that relate to persons with disabilities. We train all employees, volunteers and on accessibility as it relates to their specific roles during mandatory job orientation training each year.
This policy and our training is reviewed and updated each year to accommodate for ongoing changes.

Feedback Process

Calypso encourages feedback from all clients. As we welcome a large number of guests with varying needs, your input offers us an opportunity for improvement. Customers who wish to provide feedback on the way Calypso provides services to people with disabilities can visit our INFO desk on site or email/call us as listed below. Calypso will provide, upon request, information in an accessible format or with communication supports to people with disabilities, in a manner that takes into account their disability.

Comments or Questions?

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