Masks are mandatory in the lineup before crossing the front gates.

ALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED OR RESERVED ONLINE PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT. Our safety measures are in place and we are very excited to welcome you back!

Procedures for Season Pass Holders

We are happy to inform you, 2020 season pass holders, that your pass is valid during the complete 2021 season. This season, due to limited capacity you are requested to make an online reservation, at least 24h prior to your visit, including the date and time of arrival. There is a link on our website for you to do so. This will help us monitor the number of people in the park each day and respect the capacity limit. Remember that some days might be sold out, you will then be invited to choose a different date for your Calypso visit. Village Vacances Valcartier Outdoor Waterpark season passes are not valid at Calypso this summer. Thank you for your comprehension.

To make your first reservation, you need one of two things:

1. Maybe you already have your printed season pass that was made at the end of August 2019. If so, the alphanumeric code under the barcode of this card will be needed.


2. If you don’t already have your printed card, you can to use the voucher you received by email when purchasing season passes online. The alphanumeric code on this ticket can be used only for the first reservation. The voucher you received by email will allow you to make a single reservation, so upon arrival at the park, make sure to stop at a ticket booth to receive your membership card.


You can make one reservation at a time.  Once your activity day has passed, you will be able to book another reservation. In the event you need to cancel your current reservation or rebook a different date, there is an option to do so online.
For subsequent reservations, you will need your printed card with the alphanumeric code under the barcode.


If you already have your printed season pass that was made at the end of August 2019, you don’t need to have a new one. This one is valid all summer, even if it’s written 2020 on it.

You will be able to take your photo and get your card printed on your first visit at the park.

Calypso has many safety measures in place to keep you and employees safe. Take a look at our visitor’s guide for a well-planned and safe outing.


Visitors Guide