​Canyon Rafting

Brave the White Water

Get ready to experience a rush of thrills and chills as you ride your raft down raging torrents, unpredictable rapids, tight turns, and swirling water! You're about to have an heart-racing ride. Are you in?

Safety rules: Must be 3 years or older and measuring a minimum of (1.07 m) 42'' tall.  Children measuring less than (1.22 m) 48'' tall will be admitted as long as they are wearing a personal flotation device and are accompanied by an adult.  Riders must be seated with their feet in front holding handles with both hands at all times.  Maximum weight per inner tube is (453 kg) 1000 lb. Glasses with straps are permitted. Not recommended for people with heart conditions, back or neck problems.

Good to know

  • Inner tube that turns on itself
  • Raft for 6 people