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Summit Tower​

10 Slides for 10 Times the Fun!

Regardless which of the 10 slides your choose, you'll be sure to experience a thrilling adventure at the summit of the tallest waterslide tower in Canada!


Do you love speed and gut-wrenching thrills? Sarah Max, the renowned worldwide daredevil, is looking for the fastest water race track in the world! She is convinced she can find it here, at the top of Summit Tower! But between the Blue Rocket, Orange Bobsleigh, Stroboscope and Toboggan Alley, it's impossible to know exactly which one of the high-speed Accelerators is THE fastest. The only way to find out is to try them all!


Do you have nerves of steel? Ready to take on G-force speeds? The cabin door shuts and you feel a rush of excitement. 3, 2, 1...The trap door suddenly swings open and gravity pulls you down at over 60 km/h! In less than 2 seconds, you go from 0 to 2.5Gs. How's that for fast? You won't even have time to scream in the Aqualoops!

Family Twisters

The Aqua Snake, Mellow Yellow, Pigtail and Twist & Shout offer 4 different super fun and colourful descents...with just the right amount of wow! to please the whole family! 

Good to know

  • The tallest waterslide tower in Canada
  • 90 feet tall
  • 10 slides

​Sara Max

Sara Max, the renowned worldwide daredevil, is looking for her next big challenge. Over the past few years, she has climbed the highest mountains and enjoyed many a skydive and free-fall jump! But car racing remains her biggest passion. Sara currently dominates the sky and the earth, but will she be able to dominate the water? Will she measure up to the power of the waves? She now has a new obsession: finding the fastest water race track in the world.

Let's race to the max!

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